The original Maine Coon standard

The Maine Coon Poly’s history goes parallel with that of all Maine Coons until it was time to be accepted into the show hall… in the original breed standard that was written and accepted by the MCBFA extra toes were allowed.

However when being accepted into the show hall this phrase was removed so that the Maine Coon standard would be like the other show cats, allowing 5 toes on front paws and 4 toes on back paws. This encouraged breeders to reduce the breeding of polydactyls, as they could not compete in the show hall (at that time) and culled their existence. During this time luckily several breeders saw the need to preserve this trait! They continued breeding these pedigree Maine Coons with extra toes. They are found in many pedigrees of the top show cats too. Although they were not in the limelight at shows polys stole the hearts of enough cat lovers to be accepted into the show hall once again. Read more.