why we started this website

This website is dedicated to the Maine Coon Polydactyl. A Maine Coon with extra digits, a trait that was inherited from the foundation cats that later formed the Maine Coon breed. We’ve started this website to have all information (history, research, FAQ’s etc.) about the polydactyl trait in Maine Coons together in one place. An ‘archive’ we could use when applying for Championship in TICA in 2014 (read our Rationale here). <add link>

After 10 years of showing polydactyl Maine Coons in TICA and after applying for Championship several times, they were finally accepted into Championship beginning May 1, 2015, as a separate breed within the Maine Coon breed group. That’s also when they received the name Maine Coon Polydactyl. Since then a lot of Maine Coon Polys have gained Championship titles in TICA, from Champion to Supreme Grand Champion and even Regional Winners (RW) in the first show year already. On this site you can see some beautiful pictures of these winners. Going full circle, we are continuing to promote these wonderful pedigree cats and inform everybody who’s interested to know more about the poly Maine Coon with this website.