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A little about the team behind this site. We are all volunteers and work on this website for the value it gives to the Maine Coon Polydactyl. The original site had many, many hours dedicated but not a very solid security set up, due to the fact it was all paid for by funds from the creators. In Mid 2019 we found out that this website was hacked. Though a back-up had been made, it was also deleted with the rest of the site. We've tried to retrieve it every possible way, even having professionals work on it with us, but without any luck. Due to this misfortune and decimation of all this material that was gathered over the years the site had to be rebuilt from scratch. The information provided on this website is much too valuable to the breed to be lost. However, to ensure the website be kept safe in the future we've personally had to invest in a secure and safer website. This is ALL done on donated time and donated funds. 

You can help us to continue to provide the best resources and security for this valuable information and maintenance of the website in future, by providing a simple donation. Whatever you feel you can give will be used for this site, for the information we can provide here for the future of the Maine Coon Polydactyl breed.

Thank you for your generosity!

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